Thursday, 15 March 2012

Update - T-shirts concepts

We finally have some concept designs for the t-shirts up so please check them out and comment what you think (Look below). Please be reminded that these are not the final product and are subject to change. We want as much feedback as possible so please to provide it.
                 (Front)                                           (Back)                 

(Please check our posts on Facebook for bigger pictures. The logo on the front of shirt is shown below)

We also have information regarding our more ambiguous project. If you remember from my previous post, th...e idea was to have our own "I WANT YOU" picture featuring Imca and Riela. Liam has been working hard and from what I have seen I'm really excited.

HOWEVER this project may not reach fruition. Even though this is and original piece of work created by Liam, the rights to the characters belong to Sega: it is illegal to sell merchandise we do not own the rights to. We have contacted Sega in regards to this and so far our question has been passed to someone of higher authority in Sega. We hope to gain a favourable reply but we cannot say for sure what will happen. If there is anyone with knowledge in Law who could enlighten us on our current predicament then me and the team would be most grateful (either by comment or by e-mail).

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