Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #1

We all know Valkyria Chronicles is a wondrous universe but how much do we truly know? Well from now on I'm going to be announcing small details about the franchise titled, "Lotte's Big Scoop" and they can be interesting facts you may already know or don't. Either way we're sure one of these small tibitis is sure to enlighten you. 

Lotte's Big Scoop #1
"We know that Valkyria Chronicles tends to lend itself to the fantasy genre with its use of Valkyurs as a primary example. However did you know that during the pre-production phase, many sketches suggest that Valkyria Chronicles was heading more to the fantasy genre with ideas such as flying fortresses, different races (hybrids) and they even had Tank walkers. It can be said that if these ideas had went through then Valkyria Chronicles may have been more of fantasy game then we'd have expected."

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