Monday, 5 March 2012

Operation Blue Falcon has ended - Thank You

Greeting soldiers, J.R here.
This may be a little bit late however with the completion of Operation Blue Falcon, from me and the team, I would like to say thank you.

We couldn't have made this operation more successful without the help of each and every soldier who was willing to put there efforts in to see this operation through: for that you have my respect and gratitude.

So what lies ahead of the Gallian Liberation Front? Well firstly you will be increasing our efforts broaden the awareness of our operation as much as possible. Secondly we are currently preparing uniforms (shirts) for our soldiers to wear in public to show there support for the group: the team is working hard to bring you colours you will be proud to wear.

We are also preparing to assault Sega of America again and showering with so much support for localization.
PSVita has open new gateways for different forms of localization and with its increased popularity in the west, you can bet we will be capitalizing on this idea.

Most of all we ask all soldiers to keep there instilled faith for localization and be as active on the forums and promoting our group as much as possible. There are MANY people out there who are also fans of the franchise and our objective is to stand as a united front so the more exposure we have, the better.
Also if you know anyone who missing out on Valkyria Chronicles and has a PS3, then by right as fan you should introduce them to the game.

Lastly if anyone has any suggestsion on our group, such as how we can better run our operations, how to increase exposure, ideas for promotions, collaboration, then PLEASE send us your suggestions. We still consider ourselves a budding group that is growing in strength and we appreciate any critique we can get to help strengthen our militia.

Once again I would to express my gratitude for everyone who participated in Mission 06 - Operation, Blue Falcon. but don't get too comfortable. We're going to be taking the fight to Sega of America again so as the members of Squad 422 say, "Altaha Abilia" - ALWAYS READY!!!

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