Thursday, 29 March 2012

T-shirts - Ambitious Project updarte

J.R - For all who have been following us during our endeavours to create unique uniforms for everyone to wear, you will know we had a big ambitious project for our next design which involved an original piece of artwork by Liam Razo with Imca & Riela in a "I WANT YOU FOR THE GALLIAN LIBERATION FRONT" picture on the front of the shirt while the Squad 422 Emblem would also be placed on the back of our shirt.

However if you haven't already guessed the Character & Insignia rights both belong to Sega. Not wanting to tarnish relations with Sega and create huge legal battles, I decided to contact Sega to ask them for permission. However since then I have not gotten a reply. What does that mean? Well ultimately it means we cannot create these T-shirts for sale since doing so would be illegal and ultimately cause friction between Sega and the GLF.

Does that mean we've dropped the project? NO. While we cannot official sell these t-shirts until further notice by Sega, we will be completing the design for these t-shirts. Well your probably wondering "how do you get one of these unique & stylish t-shirts?". Well lets just say we now have a sufficient prize to offer in our competitions. For those that remember, we previously held an art competition with the chance to join in on our podcast on the GLF however the offer was not inciting enough and we only had 4 participants. I believe now our prize now will be substantial enough to gather more participants on our competitions. We estimate the final design will be ready around April the 15th and we will be hosting a competition strait after its release for a chance to earn this. Meanwhile I hope everyone gets ready and excited for your chance to win one.

Also if their are concerns about winners being in locations that spreadshirt does not ship to, please don't worry. I will personally buy and ship the product to your address if spreadshirt doesn't cover your area for shipping. We will make sure that all winners receive the award they have rightful earned.

Note: I want to thank Markov, the leader of Operation Rainfall, for providing me with advice in regards to selling merchandise. I really appreciate his willingness to help another leader out.

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