Thursday, 29 March 2012

T-shirts - Ambitious Project updarte

J.R - For all who have been following us during our endeavours to create unique uniforms for everyone to wear, you will know we had a big ambitious project for our next design which involved an original piece of artwork by Liam Razo with Imca & Riela in a "I WANT YOU FOR THE GALLIAN LIBERATION FRONT" picture on the front of the shirt while the Squad 422 Emblem would also be placed on the back of our shirt.

However if you haven't already guessed the Character & Insignia rights both belong to Sega. Not wanting to tarnish relations with Sega and create huge legal battles, I decided to contact Sega to ask them for permission. However since then I have not gotten a reply. What does that mean? Well ultimately it means we cannot create these T-shirts for sale since doing so would be illegal and ultimately cause friction between Sega and the GLF.

Does that mean we've dropped the project? NO. While we cannot official sell these t-shirts until further notice by Sega, we will be completing the design for these t-shirts. Well your probably wondering "how do you get one of these unique & stylish t-shirts?". Well lets just say we now have a sufficient prize to offer in our competitions. For those that remember, we previously held an art competition with the chance to join in on our podcast on the GLF however the offer was not inciting enough and we only had 4 participants. I believe now our prize now will be substantial enough to gather more participants on our competitions. We estimate the final design will be ready around April the 15th and we will be hosting a competition strait after its release for a chance to earn this. Meanwhile I hope everyone gets ready and excited for your chance to win one.

Also if their are concerns about winners being in locations that spreadshirt does not ship to, please don't worry. I will personally buy and ship the product to your address if spreadshirt doesn't cover your area for shipping. We will make sure that all winners receive the award they have rightful earned.

Note: I want to thank Markov, the leader of Operation Rainfall, for providing me with advice in regards to selling merchandise. I really appreciate his willingness to help another leader out.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Our uniforms are ready to all members of the Gallian Liberation Front. Fight for the localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3 in style.

Gallian Liberation Front online shop

Monday, 19 March 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #6

According to the Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive, Belgen Gunther, Georg von Damon and Eleanor Varrot are all military academy graduates. But it was revealed in Valkyria Chronicles that Lanseal is the ONLY military academy in Gallia. So that means the above three characters were all Lanseal cadets once. Some others graduate includes: Hubert Brixham, Leon Hardins, Baldren Gassenarl, Audrey Gassenarl, Kurt Irving.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #5

In Valkyria Chronicles, the many variations of tanks that belong to the Empire were originally drafted for the Gallian Army, In the early pre-production phase the Gallian army had a wide range of tanks however in order to stick to the lore that Gallia technology isn't as advanced as the Empire's, these designs were eventually used for the Empire or scrapped.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Update - T-shirts concepts

We finally have some concept designs for the t-shirts up so please check them out and comment what you think (Look below). Please be reminded that these are not the final product and are subject to change. We want as much feedback as possible so please to provide it.
                 (Front)                                           (Back)                 

(Please check our posts on Facebook for bigger pictures. The logo on the front of shirt is shown below)

We also have information regarding our more ambiguous project. If you remember from my previous post, th...e idea was to have our own "I WANT YOU" picture featuring Imca and Riela. Liam has been working hard and from what I have seen I'm really excited.

HOWEVER this project may not reach fruition. Even though this is and original piece of work created by Liam, the rights to the characters belong to Sega: it is illegal to sell merchandise we do not own the rights to. We have contacted Sega in regards to this and so far our question has been passed to someone of higher authority in Sega. We hope to gain a favourable reply but we cannot say for sure what will happen. If there is anyone with knowledge in Law who could enlighten us on our current predicament then me and the team would be most grateful (either by comment or by e-mail).

Lotte's Big Scoop #3

During the pre-production phase when many characters were undergoing a model change, Welkin Gunther was the only one to retain his original image. There are only slight differences in his face and a wardrobe swap but other than that he is was completely the same

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #2

During the pre-production phase of Valkyria Chronicles, many of the main protagonists went through significant changes in design follow the decision to make Valkyria Chronicles more military than fantasy. One such character was Isara or "Bastian" as she was known at the time considering the original concept had her as a "hybrid fury". The artist behind the design states that the ears were to add a distinctive look to the race and not out of some "personal fetish".

Lotte's Big Scoop #1

We all know Valkyria Chronicles is a wondrous universe but how much do we truly know? Well from now on I'm going to be announcing small details about the franchise titled, "Lotte's Big Scoop" and they can be interesting facts you may already know or don't. Either way we're sure one of these small tibitis is sure to enlighten you. 

Lotte's Big Scoop #1
"We know that Valkyria Chronicles tends to lend itself to the fantasy genre with its use of Valkyurs as a primary example. However did you know that during the pre-production phase, many sketches suggest that Valkyria Chronicles was heading more to the fantasy genre with ideas such as flying fortresses, different races (hybrids) and they even had Tank walkers. It can be said that if these ideas had went through then Valkyria Chronicles may have been more of fantasy game then we'd have expected."

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Uniforms are on there way

J.R - Update on our uniform. We're finally found a site to host our online shop 
( and after much discussion Liam has given us a date in which he can make the full design for our T-shirt: this is estimated to be before the end of March. HOWEVER we have decided to ask YOU, our soldiers, if you would like a simplistic T-shirt along with our more decorative design.

Here are the options we are going for.
Simple T-shirt: This will feature our logo (Look Below) along with our message of localization. This will be priced around $17.50 (US), not including shipping.

Our more ambitious project will feature an "I WANT YOU" design for the Gallian Liberation Front feature Riela and Imca. On the back will be our logo (Look Below) along with out message. This will cost you between $21.50 - $26.50 (US), not including shipping.

We want to know your suggestion. Do you want to wait for our more ambitious project or do you want both designs? If the simple T-shirt is requested then this can be design and ready to be brought in a couple of days.

Also if you have any suggestions on ways we can improve or add details to our design whether it be image, font, ect then please e-mail me at

Monday, 5 March 2012

Operation Blue Falcon has ended - Thank You

Greeting soldiers, J.R here.
This may be a little bit late however with the completion of Operation Blue Falcon, from me and the team, I would like to say thank you.

We couldn't have made this operation more successful without the help of each and every soldier who was willing to put there efforts in to see this operation through: for that you have my respect and gratitude.

So what lies ahead of the Gallian Liberation Front? Well firstly you will be increasing our efforts broaden the awareness of our operation as much as possible. Secondly we are currently preparing uniforms (shirts) for our soldiers to wear in public to show there support for the group: the team is working hard to bring you colours you will be proud to wear.

We are also preparing to assault Sega of America again and showering with so much support for localization.
PSVita has open new gateways for different forms of localization and with its increased popularity in the west, you can bet we will be capitalizing on this idea.

Most of all we ask all soldiers to keep there instilled faith for localization and be as active on the forums and promoting our group as much as possible. There are MANY people out there who are also fans of the franchise and our objective is to stand as a united front so the more exposure we have, the better.
Also if you know anyone who missing out on Valkyria Chronicles and has a PS3, then by right as fan you should introduce them to the game.

Lastly if anyone has any suggestsion on our group, such as how we can better run our operations, how to increase exposure, ideas for promotions, collaboration, then PLEASE send us your suggestions. We still consider ourselves a budding group that is growing in strength and we appreciate any critique we can get to help strengthen our militia.

Once again I would to express my gratitude for everyone who participated in Mission 06 - Operation, Blue Falcon. but don't get too comfortable. We're going to be taking the fight to Sega of America again so as the members of Squad 422 say, "Altaha Abilia" - ALWAYS READY!!!