Monday, 23 April 2012

New Approach, New tactics.

ATTENTION SOLDIERS - We have an announcement to make. We have had many soldiers asking how we are going to approach localization in spite of the recent Sega layoffs and restructure and I can at least reveal for now what we are planning to do. We believe that bombarding Sega with a shrapnel of letters showing our support would not be the ideal tactic at this time, purely because Sega's attention will be focused on more pressing matters at this time.

Rather we have decided to reach new allies and ask for their assistance in the localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3 in the West: these allies are 3rd party publishers. We believe that the conditions are right for 3rd party publishers to take the reigns of localization and deliver us this beautiful game. What we intend to do is target a number of publishing companies and though a level of support from the community and a package (From the GLF) containing Valkyria Chronicles 3 content) attempt to convince them why this game should be localized. We believe that providing them with a level of understanding of why this game is so great and then showering them with support from the consumers would only strengthen our influence. If anyone has seen Operation Rainfall's new direction to localization then you will be familiar with our tactic>

This may be our most ambitious mission ever but with enough support and help from the community we may be able to achieve something great and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

(Note - we are still in the stages of planning this but be advised will be doing our best to get this operation up and running as soon as possible. If you have any recommendations that you would like to make on how we can approach or execute this plan more effectively either shout us a post, e-mail us or comment on the post on our blog. the choice is yours.)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #8

Did you know that Gallian Tanks are often named after types of plant? For example, Edelweiss is a white mountain flower, Shamrock is a three-leafed clover and Narcissus (Audrey Garssenarl's personal tank in VC3) is a genus of hardy spring flower. On the contrary, Imperial tanks are named after mammals, e.g. Batomys, Schakal (German for Jackal, Lydia's tank in VC3), Marmota, Equus, Dromedarius, Echidna, etc.

On the side note, Squad 422's tank is simply named Nameless.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Lotte's Big Scoop #7

Although Isara Gunther, the late sister of EWII hero Welkin Gunther was in fact the first person recorded to have invented a workable flying machines, it appears that the Gallians have made no real progress in development of flight technology since the initial model dubbed "ISARA". Other accounts of flying technology were the sights of the GRA blimp during the invasion of Lanseal Academy,

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gallian Liberation Front - Podcast Episode 6 (03/30/2012) - The state of JRPG in the West

WE"RE BACK!!! A new host and a new guest speaker. Join us as J.R and new host Mike Viela chat with guest speaker and GLF artist, Liam Razo, about the state of JRPG in the west. There are technical difficulties, jokes, bloopers and for this podcast we have decided to adopt the art style used by Ben "YAHTZEE" Croshaw from Zero Punctuation (At request of Liam).