Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fliers are up.

Attention Soldiers. Courtesy of Eximius our lead designer for the art team, we now have fliers.
If you are going to any conventions and want to promote us then print out some fliers
and send them out. If you look at the right hand side of our blog column you will notice a nifty little picture with the cute as always Riela in the middle. Just click the download link and you got yourself a pdf our flier.

This is a huge step for us to promote the Gallian Liberation Front. We've been even getting in other crazy ideas from other people. If you think you got a good idea to help spread the word about the Gallian Liberation Front then me and the team would like to hear from you. Move out soldiers.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Admins are full - Looking for people for other positions

Hey soldiers J.R here - We recently have been receiving requests from a lot of people to become admins of GLF. First of let me say thank you to all that applied: we appreciate your passion to help the cause.
However we just filled in the last remaining spots so we now have a good staff of admins to manage our page, twitter and blog and so are no longer in need of anymore admins. Instead now we are looking for 1-2 people who are knowledgeable in the American legal system. As much as we want do everything we can to convince Sega to localize Valkyria Chronicles 3 we don't want to do anything that can get any of you in SERIOUS trouble. With that in mind we are requesting those who is studying or knowledgeable in the american legal system to come join our team: your role will be to provide us guidance as well as be our consultant for any of our operations if we need to do anything or if we're treading on thin ice. That's all for now soldiers.

Oh if you haven't already please join our new facebook group. This is where we will be posting all our operations on so unless your part of it you won't know.

Join The Blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

It's Eximius again. Don't be bashful guys get rowdy, join the blog, post your comments and feelings about the game and its localization. We love to hear feedback from our members and we love to hear your passion for the series.

We are doing this not just for Gallia. But for all of you loyal fans.
We must get this game to our shores!! Stand up and fight guys!!

Hey guys this Eximius Sorel (One of the admins of the GLF)

Welcome to our Blog page where we will be discussing events and actions that will be taking place throughout this campaign. Join our Facebook page if you haven't already (link is to the right of this page).

We will start a mailing campaign soon once we have gather enough followers and the details for the campaign letter templates will be up.

Until then Keep the fighting spirit strong soldiers!!