Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Uniforms are on there way

J.R - Update on our uniform. We're finally found a site to host our online shop 
( and after much discussion Liam has given us a date in which he can make the full design for our T-shirt: this is estimated to be before the end of March. HOWEVER we have decided to ask YOU, our soldiers, if you would like a simplistic T-shirt along with our more decorative design.

Here are the options we are going for.
Simple T-shirt: This will feature our logo (Look Below) along with our message of localization. This will be priced around $17.50 (US), not including shipping.

Our more ambitious project will feature an "I WANT YOU" design for the Gallian Liberation Front feature Riela and Imca. On the back will be our logo (Look Below) along with out message. This will cost you between $21.50 - $26.50 (US), not including shipping.

We want to know your suggestion. Do you want to wait for our more ambitious project or do you want both designs? If the simple T-shirt is requested then this can be design and ready to be brought in a couple of days.

Also if you have any suggestions on ways we can improve or add details to our design whether it be image, font, ect then please e-mail me at

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