Saturday, 17 September 2011

A good video always helps - We need your help.

Hey soldiers, General J.R here.

You might have notice but the rate of recruits coming into our militia has dropped and so we have decided to try different forms of media to promote ourselves. Right now we are looking videos to help promote us and so we have TWO things we would like to employ your help with.

ONE - We are considering doing video entries to help spread the word about GLF and so we are looking for video editors as well as artists. We are looking to do something similar to Extra Credits but our team is really limited and so we are seeking help from the community. If you've got good skills at editing videos or your a decent/excellent artist then please send us an e-mail or give us a shout on twitter.

E-mail -
Twitter - @GLFront

Just a note for people applying for artists. Take a look at Extra Creditz. We are not looking for anything fancy but something that is simplistic yet stand out. If anything we could utilize different artists with different styles for a more unique approach. Please send us a sample of your drawing style along with your e-mail to sign up an artist. manga artists are also welcomed (we want/like chibi artists).

TWO - We would like the ask the community to help make videos to promote GLF. Right now are team is limited and so we cannot make any videos for our group however we have seen people making videos to help promote our group and so we would like to capitalize on this idea and ask others to do the same. If you have the time and not shabby at video editing then want ask you to help us.

Please include our the offical GLF symbol in your video (this can be found on our Facebook group photos).

I hope you guys can help us out as we're so very close to the 1000 mark but we need that little bit extra support. We eagerly await your applications.

Altaha Abilia.

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