Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mission 01 - "Operation Hawkeye"


It has been 1 week since the launch of our new base of operations for the Gallian Liberation Front and over that time we have had more than 500 recruits join our base in preparation for the fight to take what is ours. However we are still in need of more loyal recruits and so in order to heat things up and give things a bit of a push, we have decided to start a pre-emptive campaign to help encourage recruits to join our page and we need YOUR help.

Mission Details
Your target will be two game sites/video blogs - IGN and Extra Credits
You are to e-mail and contact each site expressing your interest and support for these sites to write an article/interview or mention of the Gallian Liberation Front to help promote us.
Our aim is to get enough support from the general community to help convince these sites that we are worthy cause to write about and hopefully with hundreds of people flooding their e-mails or twittering them with requests, this may happen: Support is better in numbers.
Hitting these big sites and convincing them to write and article about the GLF can ultimately convince thousands of potential recruits to join our cause.


Extra Credits
E-mail - extracreditz@gmail.com
Twitter - @ExtraCreditz

E-mail -  http://au.games.ign.com/email.html (click on the link to contact them)
Twitter - @IGN

(North American)
E-mail http://games.ign.com/email.html (click on the link to contact them)
Twitter - @IGN


Here are some simple guidelines on what to write
  1. Intro yourself and tell them how much you love their site 
  2. Ask them if they be willing to write an article on the Gallian Liberation Front 
  3. Tell them who we are and the growing support we have been getting
  4. state we're requesting people to help promote us
  5. link them a few of the articles written on us (Destructoid, Japanator, Blistered Thumbs)
  6. conclude (you should consider writing an article on GLF)
  7. Link the main page and twitter
  8. Altaha Abilia (Always Ready) and your name
Your free to write however you want but just remember that these are some key points to hit when e-mailing them. You can also contact them on twitter but just don't over flood their twitter pages (we don't want them to hate us). Remember soldiers that we want as many people as we can get to contact these site so we can get support from the general community. If these sites can write and article about GLF or in extra credits case mention us in their video then this will hit thousands of potential recruits.

You have your orders.
Gallian Liberation Front

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  1. Just made ordered a T-Shirt from http://www.spreadshirt.com with the image of your Galia Liberation Front used for the Flier. Should be receiving it in about 4-5 business days and will be wearing it every time I go to the arcade, shop at GameStop, or go to the Mall. Keep up the great work guys. There are thousands of fans who want the game localized but do not know about this organization. I just found this site out today, and immediate fell in love. I signed your petition and even decorated my ChatnGo profile with your cause. http://chatango.com/fpix?forumpatrol