Monday, 3 October 2011

Mission 04 - "Operation Nightingale"

Hey Soldiers, J.R here. I hope everyone has rested up from "Operation - Warden's Aegis" but this month is gonna be really busy for the militia so as the moto goes, Altaha Abilia (Always Ready).

Here is your mission debrief.

The team have been analyzing the statistical data for our group provided by facebook and have found that many people who joined the GLFront came from anime/manga based websites. We presume there is a large fanbase for Valkyria Chronicles ever since the franchise got an anime and OVA adaption. That being said we have decided to concentrate our recruiting efforts on 8 major anime/manga sites: each sites contains a large amount of members.

These sites include:

Anime Forum:

Anime Nation:

Anime News Network:

Anime Crazy:





Your job is to go on each and everyone of these sites, sign up for an account, and start spreading the word about the Gallian Liberation Front and our localization efforts. There are bound to be tons of fans of "Valkyria Chronicles, the anime" and "Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA": most likely a lot of them will be gamers seeking the localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3. Spread the word on any threads relating to Valkyria Chronicles and the Gallian Liberation Front and if there isn't one about our group, create one.

Example of a thread name:
Gallian Liberation Front - working towards the localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3

Remember to use our campaign details and info when writing about our group and refer to our new recruits page on our blog in case anybody wants additional information on how they can help. Remember that the combined effort of each member of our militia can increase the chances of getting new recruits.

You have your orders.
Gallian Liberation Front

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  1. On a side note 4chan has an unbelievable strong community for anything. Might be beneficial to look into that.