Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hey Eximius Here. It's Update Time!!

Hope "Operation Hawkeye" is easy for you to carry out and I hope it's going well.

With that in mind the whole idea of Hawkeye is for us to get more publicity and further increase our support.
And another way you can help is to hand out some of our Fliers if you are going to any of your local convention. I will post specific dates to the blog of any of your local conventions for specific days to help spread our word.

Also you can use "Forum Signatures" to the right of this page for websites that allow you to use images at the end of your posts. Speaking of which I have uploaded more Forum Signatures (16 more) for some extra variety and incentive for you to help us gather new recruits.

Thank You again for all your support. Keep up the fight!!

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