Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year & New people (hiring)

Hey Soldiers. J.R here.

Its now 2012 and so a brand new start for the Gallian Liberation Front. Since our commencement in June 2011 we have made significant progress in such a short time, even gaining the support of Sega of America for our cause. If you need any proof then click the link below.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 - All hope is not lost

Now we want to kick of the year with many things to get you guys hyped up. We have lots to plan however we are incredibly short on man power and most of our admins are extremely busy outside there life so jugling that with admin work is no easy task (neither is waking up 4am for a podcast).

That being said we are now looking for talented individuals who wish take on the mantle and join the GLF head team to help further out cause. What we are looking for is listed below.

Artists - Creative people with basic/decent skills in photoshop, you will be tasked with creating new display pictures, promotional art as well any simple editing work regarding pictures for our podcast.

Video editors - Your task will be to help put our videos together for viewing on our you tube page, this will include promotional work as well as our podcasts. Require basic/decent video editing skills.

Podcast recorder/hosts - If you've ever recorded a podcast and know how to do one on skype then WE WANT YOU. You job will be to record our bi-weekly podcasts on skype as well occasionally be one of the hosts.

To be clear, Video editors and podcast recorders will be involved mostly on a bi-weekly basis with small projects such as the assembly of our podcasts and the odd project now and then for our missions.
Artists will only be asked to do the odd job now and then such as creating new promotion art, new display picture for our Facebook and other layout designs.

This is all we're looking for at the moment and once we have enough man power we can REALLY kick things into gear. If you'd love to help us then please send us an e-mail to the and we'll be sure to get back to you in 24 hours.

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  1. UPDATE - we now have enough staff for Podcast recorders/host so we will no longer be accepting requests for this position.

    If anyone can think of other positions that we should be looking into then please e-mail us or leave a comment