Friday, 27 January 2012

Mission 06 - Operation Blue Falcon

Hey Soldiers. Major General J.R here.

It is that time once again where we gather our strength to show Sega our support for the franchise and this time we are aiming to gain favour with the Japanese branch. Why you ask? Because Sega of Japan play a big role in determining how localization may end up. We want to convince Sega of Japan to give their support to Valkyria Chronicles fans in the west.

Here are the details:
The letter templates can be downloaded in the link below. The blue fields on the Letter Templates are areas in which you can edit. Please note that the blue background will NOT appear when you print them (as they just show areas in which you can edit).

Letter templates to Japan:

Also note, that you cannot save the file. Once you have typed your customized letter. You must print it IMMEDIATELY. Please be sure to select the specific page to print before you actually print it. If you don't it will print out ALL 6 templates instead the one you just want.

Guidelines (for both Letters and E-mails):
1) Tell Sega the amount of passion you have for the Series. Tell them how much this game means to you.
2) Be polite and respectful in what you say. Remember your words are a reflection of the GLF.
3) Give them reasons as to why this game is important to gaming culture at large.
4) Acknowledge the issues concerning the PSP platform, but support the series to appear on other platforms.
5) Be optimistic in your content. Don't say things like "I'll kill myself if you don't release this game!!!111!!"
6) We want Sega to see us as a group of fans that are courteous and dedicated NOT clinically insane. So make sure the tone of your letters and/or emails are as such.
7) Finally, if you want to include other things VC related you own. Put them down as well.

Delivery Estimate Chart

The estimated date of arrival that Sega of America should receive our letters is:

February 25th, 2012

Please send your letters to:

SEGA of Japan Inc.
1-2-12 Haneda Ohta-ku
Tokyo 144-8531, Japan

Please use the following link below
 to e-mail Sega of Japan:

Translation Notes for Site:

- お名前 - Name
- メールアドレス - Email Address
- お問い合わせ詳細 - Content of Inquiry:
(In order from top to bottom)
+ Products
+ Information about SEGA
+ SEGA's working environment and activities.
+ Investment
+ Employment information
+ Website
+ Privacy policy
+ Others

This is going to require participation from all of you. If you want this game you must let Sega know.
Gallian Liberation Front...MOVE OUT!!!!

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  1. J.R - Credit goes to Liam Razo, Minh Nyugen, Mike Viella & Kerry Dodd for there help in bringing this mission to an operational status.

    I also like to thank Ashik “Eximius Sorel” Ittehad who's previous contributions to the Gallian Liberation Front help to set a foundation for this mission.