Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fliers are up.

Attention Soldiers. Courtesy of Eximius our lead designer for the art team, we now have fliers.
If you are going to any conventions and want to promote us then print out some fliers
and send them out. If you look at the right hand side of our blog column you will notice a nifty little picture with the cute as always Riela in the middle. Just click the download link and you got yourself a pdf our flier.

This is a huge step for us to promote the Gallian Liberation Front. We've been even getting in other crazy ideas from other people. If you think you got a good idea to help spread the word about the Gallian Liberation Front then me and the team would like to hear from you. Move out soldiers.


  1. Count me and my blog to support you guys!

  2. Before I forget. A special thanks goes to Raymond (one of our members) for coming up with the idea for spreading and handing out fliers.

    Keep those Ideas coming in guys. We would love to hear more from you!!